Small Capital, Big Sharing

How to Increase Profit Sharing in Business?

Growing a small business and converting it to large scale business requires tremendous amount of dedication, focus, and also some myriad strategies that leads to long term business. There are many people who are looking to invest with small capital and in turn want to create a big profit sharing. For this, one of the most fundamental processes of growing a business is increasing sales and revenue along with the best advertising methods. Considering with all this, we at ‘Enlife Capital’ helps to grow your and also increase your profit. We believe in generating big profit with small investment.

Enlife capital offers with different business plan summed up with multiple levels. You have to just invest with us and get the best profit share to business. We have different businesses like software development as many of them are been developed like petro cab, MLM software, android application, GPS tracking devices and many more. We also offer with the digital marketing services like pay per click, social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing etc. With the help of all of our services we help to generate more sales and in turn increase profit share with our partners.

How Exactly Business Model Works?

We are having with the bunch of business that is on trend and been developed with the latest technology. As a user you can join us with our business by investing with your small capital with us. Your small investment can lead you to the good profit on your investment. As a joining partner you can receive upto 6 % of the profit share on business on monthly basis. Similarly, you can invest with different levels and can earn upto 50% of the profit share in business. You can view our different business plan and explore with our different level that helps you to understand your level of profit on specific amount of investment.

There are also more chances to increase the revenue or profit to business. Currently, as a joining partner you can also add more members who can invest in business and this may give you more profit share. More members, more investment, more profit will be added. This is the royal membership of Enlife Capital, if you are adding more members or partners to invest in business. From direct sponsor matching income & direct referral income you may receive 20% royalty income.
To proceed with all this there are certain terms and conditions to be followed with Enlife Capital and also get more benefits. We have two types of incomes that is been explained as follows-


Two Types of Income

Direct Sponsor Income - If you receive 10 direct sponsors than you will receive 5% direct sponsor income. On completion of 10 direct sponsors you will get 10% on every direct referral.

Matching Income - In pair of 1:1 you may receive 10% of volume matching income. |

To know more about the investment and the profit contact us today and get with the detailed information about gaining more profit in business. As it is now time to boost up yourself with small investment and getting bigger profit.